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I met Hannah early last year when she interviewed me for a story on faculty union organizing at UNM. It was a beautiful story. She kept reporting on the story, and was there the day the votes were counted. She took a photo of five of us just moments after we’d won the election. We were celebrating with union organizers, and the look on our faces is a look of pure joy. That was the photo that ran on the KUNM website the next day. I emailed Hannah and thanked her for her work and I told her how much I loved that photo. She sent me a copy and I framed it. It’s on the wall of my office. I remember smiling a lot that day. Everyone who’d worked so hard for so many years working to build a union, smiled so much that day. And I remember Hannah smiling just as much as the rest of us. She was so happy that day. And her work gave us so much joy. Thank you Hannah! Rest In Peace.

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