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I mostly knew Hannah through my wife, the KUNM evening broadcast host. Megan spoke highly of Hannah and her skills always, and at times I joined Megan when journalists were gathering, we would see Hannah. To me she always seemed quiet and reserved, though very nice. But I was always aware of her reporting as I listen to KUNM quite a bit, as well as her stints on the call-in show. My supervisor once was on the call-in show, and he returned to the office gushing about Hannah and how skillfully she directed the conversation all while taking instructions in her ear and looking at her computer for email and twitter comments. Radio waves travel infinitely into the universe over time, and I remarked on Facebook how Hannah’s voice is now among stars. But from reading earlier tributes, and learning the impact she made on a diverse set of lives in an equally diverse set of circles, her voice, spirit, and influence will live on here as well. Our individual lives, I believe, are small pebbles thrown into a vast lake. Our ripples spread outward, interacting with both natural forces and the splashes made by others. Her splash and her ripples are still being felt by all of us.

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