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Hannah was a shining light at KUNM, full of kindness and smiles, while serious about her work and the craft of radio. She chose stressful topics to cover, and like most KUNMers we heard her first on the beat of the pedophile priests. The grace she brought to that horrific topic and the light of truth she sought to let shine into such darkness revealed both her talent and her dedication to the underdogs. Her work helped usher in justice again and again.

Personally she was always so friendly with me. She messaged me occasionally with news of a preempted show, or with questions she knew I could answer. It was a joy to hear the creativity and passion coming out of the news room over her time as director.

Hannah faced her obstacles and difficult assignments with admirable courage and candor. It remains unfathomable that she is gone. My heart goes out to all who loved her and I hope you can find comfort in this deeply sad time knowing many of us are holding you in our hearts and thoughts.

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