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I seriously couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. Hannah Colton was one of the best people I knew. She had a boundless curiosity about the world, and her reporting got to the heart of how the systems that shape our lives really work. At the same time she had an innate sense for storytelling, for picking just the right quotes and scenes to keep listeners glued to the radio. Perhaps most impressively, she even put up with having her desk next to mine and all my random questions!

One of the the most impactful call in shows she hosted was about working through grief and trauma. She handled it with such grace and sensitivity. Patricia Caristo of the NIA Resource Center for Victims of Violent Death on this show said something really helpful to me right now.

“We never say closure, there is not ever closure when you lose someone you love… people think they want to close the door, people don’t want to close the door, they just want to remember with less pain. We call it resolution or moving forward without that person.”

Hannah, the world is worse for your absence.

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