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When I first met Hannah during an event for our housing community in college, I was so struck by her radiance. She exuded joy. She was so warm and approachable, always with a smile on her face. She so dearly contributed to building our community and created a space for us to have meaningful conversations. Even then, I was struck by her commitment to social justice and what made her stand out was her strong moral compass. Hannah was truly one-of-a-kind, and she lived her truth through and through until the end. She brought us stories that are often ignored and did so with a commitment to compassion, empathy, and understanding. She lifted so many of us up, and I’ll always remember her for that. Hannah had so much love to give and she was also so deeply loved.

I’m sending you all my love, Kathy, Brad, and Tim. This must be an indescribable time.

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