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Hannah lived with me for about a month after the most emotionally exhausting summer of my life in which my fiance passed away. At the end of that summer, Hannah and I led an all-women expedition that ended up being one woman, plus me and Hannah. She had brought some fresh caught Alaskan salmon to share and I tried some despite being a vegetarian. The last morning of the trip I was so overcome with grief/depression/exhaustion that I couldn’t fathom moving out of my sleeping bag. I laid there for minutes that felt like hours feeling like I *should* go help Hannah with breakfast but feeling unmotivated to even exist, when she came over in her sweet sing-song voice, and just said “Cass?” in the most understanding, healing, heartwarming tone. And thus I emerged from the tent to her breakfast, and to resume my life. Hannah pulled me out of my darkest place and I can’t express the regret that I couldn’t do the same for her.

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